God's word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Welcome to the Cornerstone Christian Lending Library and Resources

The Library exists to:
  • Provide resources to help build, deepen and inform the faith of Christians and enquirers leading to a greater knowledge and love for God the father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
  • To support churches by provision of resources to augment in-church teaching and preaching.
  • To support formal and informal ministries through provision of resources which explain, investigate and inform.
  • To support individual and small groups who wish to study specific topics or themes.
  • To support families through provision of children-oriented material, and family oriented resources.
  • To provide a Christian perspective through print, audio and visual resources.

Membership is FREE to anyone, and you can take 3 items out at a time.
We currently have over 1450 items of stock ranging across all ranges from babies to the elderly so we are bound to have something of interest to you.

Future Events
  • Library about town

    We are keen to ensure as many people as possible can access our library stock so are providing the following services:

    • If you can't get to the library due to age, infirmity, agrophobia etc. simply contact us with a request to drop off your preferred items from our stock and we shall do so at a mutually convenient time.
    • If you are a care home, nursing home, hostel etc and would like to host a shelf of stock on your premises let us know and we shall arrange to drop off, and alternate stock on a regular basis.

  • Equipment

    We have a range of equipment to help users exploit the Library resources.
    These include:
    1) A TV/VHS combination for viewing vhs cassette tapes.
    2) A DVD player.
    3) An audio cassette tape player.

  • User Group

    We hope that users will be keen to share what they have discovered among our resources and so aim to form a user group to share your experiences, and to shape developments of the library and resources.

  • Volunteers

    If you can help us extend our opening hours by staffing the library for even 1 hour a week then please let us know.
    Training is available so no experience in required.

The Cornerstone Library and Resource Centre based in:
Cornerstone House, 1 Esk Walk, Town Centre, Cumbernauld, G67 1BZ, 01236 739220 E-mail: library@cornerstone-house.org.uk
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